Benefits of a Aspen Stairmill

Pro 6 Fitness introduces our new Aspen Stairmill for use in light commercial and all home-use applications.


The Aspen Stairmill is a revolving staircase product that provides a tremendous cardiovascular workout for the user regardless of their level of fitness.  The Aspen offers an easy-to-navigate 6” step that allows for a robust “stadium step” workout that so many folks can relate to.  The “Step Lock” feature allows the user to stand on a step as they enter the data that will counter-balance the user weight to provide a safe and functional workout.  The users can adjust the up to 120 Steps Per Minute to provide the opportunity to speed up or slow down the stepping action that will ensure a robust cardio workout that is safe and extremely efficient.  Users can monitor their heart rate via the conveniently place HR contacts that are stationed on the framework where the user’s hands meet the frame.  This framework is ergonomically correct ensuring the correct posture that will maximize the efficiency of the workout.


Owners love the Aspen Stairmill from a function standpoint as it provides such an amazing low-impact workout regimen.  But owners also love the fact that the Aspen is so easy to maintain.  All part of our terrific industrial design.  We have a robust industrial chain with a proven electromagnetic braking system.  We have also dressed the Aspen to look well and represent a perfect fit into any light commercial fitness club or home gym.  IMPORTANT: The fact that the Aspen fits neatly and perfectly under a standard 8’ ceiling threshold also serves us well.


We have decorated the Aspen with some stunning graphics that are ideally suited to enhance the product to show as a premium product.


The Aspen Stairmill is a proven performer and is a tremendous and necessary addition to any gym, home or commercial.  We support the product with top-drawer customer and technical support mechanisms already in place to serve you.


If you need an extremely efficient and functional cardio machine then you need the Aspen Stairmill in your facility.  The Aspen is a true one-stop-shop for folks who need a convenient and easy to schedule workout that addresses their cardio prerequisites along with total body muscle recruitment.