Pro 6 ISUP Tour Black-White

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The P6 Tour (Black-White) is a medium volume high efficiency board perfect for longer distance paddles.

Item Description:

The Tour is designed with increased rigidity, precision and strength. It is the ultimate inflatable paddle board for use as a true racing machine, yet versatile enough to use as an all around cruiser or long distance tourer. The Tour is made of durable double-wall drop stitch PVC fabric. At a size of 12’6”long x 30” Wide x 6" thick, the Tour can carry a maximum payload of 350LBS.

This all new size and design was born after an extensive R&D process. The Tour features a sleek outline that cuts through the water. At 30” wide and 6” thick, the RACE offers incredible rigidity, stability and speed. There’s also an integrated number guide and deck pad for paddlers to reference their proper stance position. This portable board can accompany you to any race around the globe with no additional costs.


  • This Pro6 high efficiency paddle board is the perfect companion on your next long distance water adventure. It has a weight capacity of 286 pounds.
  • Board Dimensions: 12’6″ (150″) Length x 30″ Wide x 4″ Thickness
  • Product Weight: 27 pounds
  • Constructed from the highest quality reinforced PVC material and drop-stitch, this black-red designed stand up board will surely last as long as you remain happy on the water.
  • Can be inflated in 3-5 mins with up to 15psi but is stiff and ready to go at 10psi and this medium volume water board feels very similar to a hard board.
  • This package comes with a high-pressure pump, custom dry backpack, adjustable length paddle, and a repair kit. Carry it easily after use with 3 heavy duty handles installed on board. It also has 4 D rings in front, and elastic bungee cord included for light cargo.